As a travel industry leader, Despegar is aware of the impact that travel and tourism have on the environment. Accordingly, Despegar is taking action to manage its impact. During 2021, we implemented several initiatives, such as eliminating single use plastics, implementing waste management practices, and off-setting our carbon emissions

Waste Management

In Argentina, where our largest offices are located, we eliminated the use of disposable cups and bottles in 2019, and replaced them with thermal bottles. This initiative resulted in a 4,800 kg reduction of plastic waste per year.

We further replaced disposable forks and knives at our offices with reusable ones, thereby decreasing our plastic waste by an additional 6,600 kg each year.

Waste separation is carried out in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, México, Peru and Uruguay.

Our contribution to climate action

In 2021 we offset our carbon footprint in Argentina in partnership with Plantarse, an NGO focused on climate change mitigation. We estimated the emissions generated from Despegar offices and from each of our employees working from home in Argentina. Using these emissions, we planted 620 trees in the Province of Córdoba, Argentina that we call "Despegar Forest".

Through such initiatives, Despegar promotes a culture of sustainability and takes action to mitigate climate change, protect earth's biodiversity and improve people's lives.