Community engagement is a priority for us. We work and support initiatives that promote greater integration, equality and sustainability through education and technology.

Since 2019 we have


Barrio 31 + Fundación Cimientos

We believe in the power of education as a key tool to support the communities in which we operate, creating opportunities for younger generations. The main goal of our Corporate Social Responsibility Program is to align economic growth with social progress through job placement.

In 2021 we worked closely with Fundación Cimientos, an NGO that promotes educational equality, high school retention and completion, and job placement for vulnerable young people. Together with the Buenos Aires City Government, we developed various workshops to contribute to such objectives.


Despegar Chile has been working with Fundación TACAL since 2019. Fundación Tacal is an NGO that promotes job placement of people with disabilities through training and the development of new skills.