Sustainable travel is vital to preserve the culture and environment at every destination. We feel responsible to positively transform tourism's impact on nature and people, by challenging ourselves and our industry to become more sustainable. When it comes to sustainability, corporations and governments have a responsibility to act. But consumers do, too. Our goal at Despegar is to provide the best tools and information for customers to make the most educated travel decisions.

Eco-friendly stamps for Hotels: We implemented a sustainability stamp for 10,000 accommodations that have at least one external sustainable certification, therefore our customers can easily identify the most sustainable accommodation options.

Alojamiento Responsable

Los siguientes sellos y certificaciones indican que el alojamiento adapta sus servicios a las necesidades actuales y que cumple con los estándares requeridos por cada institución para garantizar tu bienestar.

Sustainable labelling

10 Principles for the Good Traveler

According to our internal research, tourists tend to gravitate toward natural destinations, post COVID-19. Therefore, we developed 10 guidelines that tourists can follow.

1. Manage and reduce waste while traveling

2. Use recycled bottles

3. Shop local

4. Pick local tours

5. Choose eco-friendly accommodations

6. Research the destination

7. Respect flora and fauna

8. Do not extract plant or animal species

9. Choose biking and walking

10. Adapt to local traditions